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Continental persis trading(pure saff) is a company which buys saffron directly
where it is grown and then sells it worldwide.

The distribution chain follows a specific plan,
which is essential to maintain the quality of saffron
from collection to the delivery to the final customers.


According to each client's demand forecasting, Continental s.r.l. plans the annual Saffron's purchase and guarantees the best quotation.


Continental s.r.l. has no intermediaries and works directly with local farmers who pick flowers up and collect saffron stigmas by hand to preserve their integrity.


The Labs control each lot doing specific tests to verify the quality of the stigmas. These tests are:

  • Sanitary Tests
  • Lab Analysis
  • Pesticide Analysis
  • Aflotoxine Analysis


Each lot is packaged firstly in special plastic storage bags, which maintain humidity standards during the exportation; and secondly in paper boxed on which clients can find the following information:

  • The type of Saffron contained
  • The net Weight
  • The Production and expiry date
  • How to preserve it


Shipping is committed to special couriers directly to our clients' storehouses. We guarantee the reliability and punctuality of these vectors, with which we've been cooperating for ages.

All custom pocedures are handled by our staff, and clients will receive all documents directly at their offices.


Saffron Qualities depend on the part of the saffron plant used.

Look at the picture beside to identify the qualities related to the corresponding part of the plant.

  • The most precoius variety is Sargol, which contains only the final part of the red stigmas. It has a very intense colour.
  • Then there is the Negin, which corresponds to the entire stigma. These filaments are longer than those of Sargol quality.
  • Less precious is the Pushal, which contains also 3-5mm of style. It can easily be recognized from Sargol and Negin because it is yellow in its final part.
  • A Bunch (called also Dasteh) contains instead the stigmas and the whole styles. All its filaments are fastened toghether and the look exactly like a bunch.


Customer Satisfaction

On-Time Delivery

Environmental Sensitivity

Persis Trading (Pure Saff) Company was established in 2015 and is now one of the world’s leading saffron companies in Iran. Quality and innovation have been the main objective of the firm, which developed its export department in 2015 with great success. Persis Trading Saffron is the producer of organic saffron certified by the European Union and the United States Department of Agriculture-National Organic Program. As the only ecological saffron plantation of the region, the company applies the latest technologies in order to obtain the best quality of the crop. Persis Trading is now available in the most exclusive shops in more than 30 countries on four continents. The head offices of the company, research & development departments (R&D) as well as the laboratory, the quality department and the packaging and logistics departments are in the city of Ghaenat, an ideal location to develop international relations.

After selection at origin, the products reach our plant and are stored for conservation under optimum humidity and temperature conditions. A sample of each batch is analyzed in the laboratory in order to ensure to the required quality specifications.Persis Trading is not one of the the best but also one of the largest t producer of saffron in Iran, managing several extensive saffron farmlands that produce fresh, genuine and authentic saffron. Since saffron needs much labour in plantation, maintenance and harvesting, Persis Trading has changed the whole production to mechanization, making quality and innovation the main objectives of the firm.

Our products travel by land, sea or air, depending on their destination and our customers' needs. Once the transport conditions are established, we keep track of our merchandise in order to ensure the safety of the products at all time.

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