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    Exports and Exporters Saffron is native to Mediterranean climate characterized by moderate to cold winters with rainfall and warm dry summer with very less rainfall. Iran, India and Spain are the major producers of saffron in the world. Out if the three, Iran is the highest producer of saffron with a total production of 173 tons in area of 43,408 hectares.

    Iran is the higher producer of Saffron with a total production of 173 tons in area of 43,408 hectares. It contributes almost 85% of world's saffron production. India employs 2825 hectares of land and produces 6.46 tons making it the 2nd largest producer of saffron. Spain is the third largest producer of Saffron by producing 2.28 per hectare and using 600 hectares of land for saffron cultivation. Kashmir Saffron is greatly superior in quality than Iranian and Spanish varieties. Saffron is also produced in Italy and Greece but in much smaller quantities if compared to the big three Saffron producing countries.



    There are different saffron types in the market with different prices. Various Iranian companies supply saffron in different types especially in three categories include Sargol (All-Red saffron), Poushal and Dasteh. This classification is based on the fact that which part of saffron strands is exist in the final product. So, our purpose in expression “saffron types” is not related to companies or production places. But, it is related to red and white part of saffron strands in the product. Saffron classification in Iran, includes three main types and other types usually are special cases of these types. Before anything you should know that expressions “stigma” and “style” are related to red and white part of saffron strand respectively.













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    Persis Trading (Pure Saff) Company was established in 2015 and is now one of the world’s leading saffron companies in Iran. Quality and innovation have been the main objective of the firm, which developed its export department in 2015 with great success. Persis Trading Saffron is the producer of organic saffron certified by the European Union and the United States Department of Agriculture-National Organic Program. As the only ecological saffron plantation of the region, the company applies the latest technologies in order to obtain the best quality of the crop. Persis Trading is now available in the most exclusive shops in more than 30 countries on four continents. The head offices of the company, research & development departments (R&D) as well as the laboratory, the quality department and the packaging and logistics departments are in the city of Ghaenat, an ideal location to develop international relations.

    After selection at origin, the products reach our plant and are stored for conservation under optimum humidity and temperature conditions. A sample of each batch is analyzed in the laboratory in order to ensure to the required quality specifications.Persis Trading is not one of the the best but also one of the largest t producer of saffron in Iran, managing several extensive saffron farmlands that produce fresh, genuine and authentic saffron. Since saffron needs much labour in plantation, maintenance and harvesting, Persis Trading has changed the whole production to mechanization, making quality and innovation the main objectives of the firm.

    Our products travel by land, sea or air, depending on their destination and our customers' needs. Once the transport conditions are established, we keep track of our merchandise in order to ensure the safety of the products at all time.

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